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Custom Design Your Life!!!

Consulting services specializing in residential design for people with varying physical abilities. 


We design new custom homes, review existing home plans and renovate current spaces with attractive and functional details that are unique to the individual.

We understand that no two people and no two abilities are alike. We know that even though many home sales professionals advertise "universal designed homes," there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Children grow and adults change.

The American Disabilities Act provides guidelines for designing buildings for the disabled. Their guidelines are minimum standards based on the general popultion. We are grateful for the ADA, but we also believe that minimum standards means minimum. We believe that the possibilities are endless and unique to your individual challenges.

We believe that good design is limitless. We strive to create spaces that give you maximum ability within the constraints of your budget.

We listen to you. Together we explore the options and solutions, so that we can create a home that meets your needs both today and tomorrow.

We strive for maximum safety, because we understand that when individuals feel safe, they gain self confidence and increase independance.

Many of our new home designs incorporate features to plan for the future. These facets include beautiful accessible guest suites for aging parents, sizing the home to meet comfort requirements of people who are not of average size and creating joyful spaces for growing children with special needs.

Whether you are remodeling an existing home or building a new home, we look forward to discussing your possibilities.




Classical Home Design, Inc.

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